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Frog Songs

frogsongsnewWritten by Brian 'Fox' Ellis

Art by Kore Loy McWhirter

This collection presents over 40 pages of original haiku, all eloquently illustrated. In addition, the preface bestows a beautiful summary of how to appreciate haiku for the unfamiliar reader. After the poems, "Fox" presents two lesson plans, one for teaching haiku writing to students, and another art lesson for constructing an original book. A wonderful compilation of creation; modern words in the classic style.

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"Simply put: marvelous. The "aha moments" are there for me in every poem... so lovely." J. Rosella, poet and banker

"Excellent! I will use this in the classroom." M. Wright, teacher

"These poems are a beautiful awakening, like the frog who sings the sun up." K. Thrush, wife and mother


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