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brian fox ellis2007Are you looking for a humorous tour of American History?

Or an educational encounter with the earth's wildest places?

Is it folklore, poetry, or a haunting good time you desire?


Invite Fox to put together a performance that is custom tailored to fit your needs.


Every program is designed for each audience in accordance with their interests, age range, grade level, and background. Most programs include songs, poetry, audience participation, and a variety of humorous, adventurous, and touching stories. Shows can vary in length from 30 to 90 minutes, depending on your requirements. With a repertoire of more than 400 stories that draw from an array of cultures and themes, plus an eagerness to learn more, Fox makes every effort to design each presentation to fit the needs of each host. Follow this link for a one page flier or resume to share with your board of directors, cultural arts committee or PTA.


"With ease, he whisks one off to other lands and times. His stories are both entertaining and value-laden."  Barbara Contreras - Recreation Coordinator


Fox began his career focusing on A World of Folklore, literally travelling the world collecting and telling tales for more than 35 years. With more than a dozen trips to Europe, several forays into Central America, and intensive workshops with traditional African and Asian storytellers, he has immersed himself in the cultures of the world to steep the folk tales in the milieu from which they arose. Click on a topic to view some his most requested performances:

International FolktalesFox at ALPLM

American Indian Myths and Legends

Ecological Tales

Scary Stories

Irish Legends

Historical Tales

Sacred Stories



History… In Person!

Invite history to your classroom! In a well-researched, interactive performance Fox portrays the movers and shakers of history, literature, art, and science.

Follow the link to see the complete list: History… In Person!


Fox at Wellness Expo 4 12"In an era when 'stories' means watching television to most teens, it was a joy to watch you open their eyes, ears, and hopefully minds to the richness of oral tradition."  Lin Forrest - High School Media Specialist

Funding should never be an issue! Fox is on both the Illinois ArtsTour and Arts in Education rosters, so funding assistance is available through the Illinois Arts Council. Various characters have been chosen by the Illinois Humanities Council Roads Scholar Program and they will pay for any public performance in the state of Illinois! Schools can apply for funding through their PTA or PTO, or corporate partners. Smaller school districts can partner with neighboring districts to share travel expenses and fees. Book and CD sales can be used to raise funds. Community organizations can offset costs with ticket sales and by selling ads in the program. If funding is an issue please Contact Fox to discuss possibilities.


"All the adults and children were RAVING about your stories and they couldn't wait to share them with their friends and family." Stacy Veldhuizen - Girl Scout Leader


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