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Workshops are available for students, teachers, parents, naturalists, and the clergy. They are available as one hour or two hour presentations, day-long workshops, a week-long Artist-in-Residency, a semester or year-long course. All workshops are experiential; the only way to learn storytelling is by doing it. You need to get wet to learn how to swim!

His experience as a classroom teacher has prepared him to share his talents and ideas in a coherent, step-by-step instructional format, while allowing participants plenty of opportunities for self-expression. All of the workshops listed here are flexible, and can be adapted for students or adults. His goal is to reinforce your school improvement goals. He has taught at many levels, from preschool to graduate courses. This broad range of experience ensures that each program is tailored to meet the needs of the participants.

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Scientific Inquiry and Storytelling

Basic Storytelling Skills

Historical Storytelling

Storytelling and Literacy Development

Family Literacy Nights

Multicultural Storytelling

Sacred Storytelling


Fox is also a frequent keynote speaker at educational conferences.

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"Your visit was not only inspiring to our students, but to the teachers involved, too. Their fables written in science class were really fun to read." Diane Olson, Geneseo Middle School

Funding should never be an issue! Workshops can be supported through Reading First and Eisenhower Foundation grants. Fox is on both the Illinois ArtsTour and Arts in Education rosters, so funding assistance is available through the Illinois Arts Council. Schools can apply for funding through their PTA or PTO, or corporate partners. Smaller school districts can partner with neighboring districts to share travel expenses and fees. Historical Societies, Museums, and Community organizations can offset costs with ticket sales and by selling ads in the program. If funding is an issue please Contact Fox to discuss possibilities.