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Good Morning,


As you gear up for the rest of the year and plan events for your students, please allow your local storyteller and author to help add a healthy dose of enthusiasm to learning and teaching:


If you would like to create a family literacy night that is inspiring and builds positive relationships within the community, then give me a call. We can work together to focus on family stories and family history OR create a specially themed math literacy or science literacy night.


With testing just around the bend, storytelling is a special treat after the last test is taken. In what might appear to be an exciting distraction, I can put together a performance that reinforces your school improvement goals and introduces new curriculum that the teachers will be covering.


If you would like to reinvigorate teaching in these cold dreary months and give teachers a truly fun and useful in-service training based in the latest research, let us arrange an after-school or half-day workshop on creative writing across the curriculum.


There are many ways your local storyteller and author can add excitement to the school day:

as a reward for the Young Authors Celebration, 

to build enthusiasm for the school book sale, 

as part of a school spirit day or to acknowledge school improvement goals met,

to launch or reinvigorate a Character Counts or similar program,

to bring local history to life or prep for an outdoor educational activity,

or to partner with the local public library (who might also share costs) so we can kick-off the summer reading program and register kids on the spot!

You name a theme and I have a story! 



Please contact fox or call my cell phone at 309-696-1017 to find a date that works for you.

Please visit my web site to learn more about the variety of programs I offer, view lesson plans and video, or to read letters of reference.


Telling Educational Tales,


Brian “Fox” Ellis

Fox Tales International

P.O. Box 209

Bishop Hill, IL 61419

(309) 689-8000





“Education and Inspiration through the Art of Storytelling"



*Since 1980, Brian “Fox” Ellis, storyteller, author and educator, has been touring the world collecting and telling stories. He has been a keynote speaker and/or featured workshop presenter at hundreds of educational conferences ranging from The International Reading Association to the National Association of Gifted Educators Conferences. His presentations are always custom tailored with a mix of pedagogy and practice, humor and inspiration. For this reason many of the state educational conferences invite him back on a regular basis! He has also published more than 16 books, written 20 musical theatre productions, and is a frequent contributor to a wide range of magazines including trade journals, parenting, academic and general interest magazines. He and his wife recently moved to Bishop Hill, Illinois where they run The Twinflower Inn and host a series of performances, workshops and retreats.

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