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The Miracles and Poetry of Saint Francis of Assisi

Through stories and songs journey back to the dawn of the Renaissance, to the Umbrian Valley of medieval Italy. Storyteller Brian "Fox" Ellis retraces the life of this blessed little poor man. From the miracle of his conversion to his rebuilding of the church, Fox shares the joys and struggles of one of history’s most influential leaders. Fox dons a monk's robe and steps into character blending songs and poetry with stories from the 'Little Flowers' so that you, for a few moments, you can travel with him down the country lanes of Northern Italy, visit the Pope in Rome, and cross the Mediterranean Sea on a Pilgrimage to the Holy Land.

Depending on the interests of the host, Fox can emphasize the saint's love of nature and ecological philosophies, his work for the poor, social mission and struggles for peace, or his impact on the history of the Western world, art, history and literature. Few have had such a profound influence as this patron saint of saints. Fox traveled to Assisi, Italy to research this performance literally walking in the footsteps of Francis for several weeks, sleeping in the caves where he went to fast and pray.


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