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River Ghosts

Prairie Folklore Theatre presentsrg

Drawing from the writings of Mark Twain and true stories of local ghosts, this show is a mix of haunting ballads and spooky tales that are sure to make your flesh crawl. Brian "Fox" Ellis and Barry Cloyd weave together songs and stories from the Riverboat Era. From the modern “Ghost with Red Hair” to Mark Twain’s “Ghost with the Golden Arm” there is something here for everyone.
Many of these stories are based on real events gleaned from newspaper accounts and eyewitness testimony. Is it real? That is something for you to decide! But I can tell this I know for certain: History is sometimes a scary subject!
All CDs are $16.00, Shipping and Handling included.
Listen to the reprise of the song River Ghosts
Stories and Songs Included:

Opening chant

The Spectral Steamboat

River Ghost

Mermaid’s Revenge

The Demon of the Wabash

The Ghost with the Golden Arm

Lost Jimmy Whalen

Long Black Veil by. Wilkens & Dill,

The Ghost with Red Hair

River Ghost Reprise

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