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Lincoln Tales Tall and True

Storytelling with Brian “Fox” Ellislttt
Tracing his rise from prairie state rail-splitter to America’s favorite president this blend of history and humor attempts to disentangle the man from the myth. Told from the perspective of Austin Gulihur, a childhood friend of Lincoln who once saved his life, Brian “Fox” Ellis steps into character to allow the listeners to step back in time.
This program was originally presented at the Sesquicentennial of Lincoln, Illinois, a town Lincoln surveyed and christened with a watermelon! Fox has since presented this performance at the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum and countless schools and conferences across the Midwest. Please Contact Fox to book a performance.
All CDs are $16.00, Shipping and Handling included.
Listen to a true story of Lincoln's style of law
from the Chapter on Lincoln the Lawyer:
A teacher just sent me this great story about this CD and her 11 year old son.
Follow this link for Lesson Plans
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"Fox provides an engaging glimpse into the world of Lincoln through his entertaining tales and memorable characters."
Erin I. Bishop, Ph.D., Director of Education, Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum
With more than thirty stories, jokes and anecdotes, this CD is divided into chapters,(each wrapped in a song):

Chapter One – Lincoln’s Youth

Tracks 1- 5 & (Ol’ Susanna)

Chapter Two – Illinois and New Salem

Tracks 6 - 10 & (Simple Gifts)

Chapter Three – Lincoln the Lawyer

Tracks 11 – 20 & (Turkey in the Straw)

Chapter Four – A Life in Politics

Tracks 21 – 24 & (Lincoln and Liberty)

Chapter Five – Lincoln and Slavery

Tracks 25 – 28 & (Drinking Gourd)

Chapter Six – Lincoln as President –

Tracks 29 - 32 (Lincoln and Liberty)

From the liner notes:
Two things I learned from Abraham Lincoln: If you hear a story you like turn to someone and tell it right away, in your own words, before you forget. The other thing Lincoln did was that he often repeated a joke or story, practicing pacing and wording, until he got it just right. SO, turn to a friend and retell your favorite story! Tell it several times over the next few days, practice, practice, practice, and you too can be a teller of tales to rival Lincoln!
Also, Abraham Lincoln was arguably one of the greatest men to inhabit the White House. He was also one of the best storytellers to ever live a political life. Politicians quote his speeches more than any other president. It is for these reasons that I dedicate this CD to the spirit of Abraham Lincoln and his political integrity. My wish is that more politicians borrow more than his words but also his honesty and respect for the average citizen.