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Song Of The Red Fox

redfox coverWritten by Brian 'Fox' Ellis
Illustrated by Vin Luong

In this eclectic collection of poetry Fox reminds us of the joy and simple pleasures found in the reading and writing of poems. In clear and simple language, Fox celebrates the earth and the creatures who share his home. Poems about his dogs, his car and his family tree all shine light on the richness of a life fully lived. Meant to be read aloud, this collection will also help to bring poetry alive in the classroom. Within the pages of this beautifully illustrated book you will find rhyming poems, list poems, haiku, free verse, acrostics and even a song or two, along with the inspiration and instruction for playing with different genre of poetry.

Read excerpts:


"A lyrical look at everyday things imbued with palpable magic." Barry Cloyd - Singer/songwriter


"Fox's poems are clear as spring-fed water. Their fabric is what I admire most in poetry, a deceptive simplicity, stitched together with threads of myth. They also contain one of humankind's greatest weapons... humor." Terry Wooten - Poet-Bard

"A feast for the imagination!" Kathy Wukitsch-Secretary


Paperback Song of the Red Fox: $6.00 postage and handling included