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Fox began his career focusing on A World of Folklore, literally travelling the world collecting and telling tales for more than 35 years. He has taught a graduate course on the Brothers Grimm while leading a tour of the Fairy Tale Road in Germany. He performed a Greek Myth at the Acropolis in Athens. And he has presented camp fire programs of American Indian Folklore at dozens of Powwows and Medicine Wheel Gatherings. Fox also hosted a traditional African Griot as an artist-in-residence while teaching in North Carolina and spent a week in a Zendo in California and studied with asian storytellers. All of this in an effort to immerse himself in the cultures of the world to steep the folk tales in the milieu from which they arose. Click on a topic to view some his most requested performances:

Fox at ALPLM

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 "With ease, he whisks one off to other lands and times. His stories are both entertaining and value-laden."  Barbara ContrerasRecreation Coordinator