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A New Year – A New Story

audubonSO, what new adventures do you have planned for 2013? What goals are at the top of your list? I feel truly blessed to have the opportunities to share in the gift of story with so many wonderful folks, both listeners and tellers. I start the year with an affirmation of eternal gratitude. This year will bring ever widening tours, including Darwin Day in Denver, a possible summer trip to the Northwest and autumn tours to Bayou country. There are two new books in the works, a collection of fables and a biography of Audubon. www.HistoricIllinois.com is expanding into surrounding states and we are formally launching www.johnjaudubon.com. But the biggest news is that my wife and I have purchased a Bed and Breakfast in Bishop Hill, Illinois, www.twinflowerinn.com.


Today's News is Tomorrow's Historyfoxnewsletter1112

Yes, it is an old cliché, but a good one, no? This month is filled with history. Just moments ago Barack Obama won re-election; regardless of your opinion on this it is history in the making. It is also Native American Heritage Month. I have a new show that commemorates a pivotal moment in both local and national history. By seeing international news through a local, personal lens history has more meaning. And by debating history we make our own meaning. I am also starting a new company that needs your help. Read on...


chautpoeAs normal as strange can be, October is filled with late nights in a cemetery, evenings around the campfire, and scary stories told in schools. We will revive the ancient Celtic traditions of Samhein, Edgar Allan Poe will appear at a few libraries and there are some lesson plans for facing your own fears.


Kicking Off Another School Year!

foxheadshot1I always look forward to the beginning of a new school year! As a kid it was the one time each year that my brothers and I got new shoes and one new outfit, (most of my wardrobe was hand-me downs!). As a teacher I always looked forward to getting to know the new group of kids, the challenge of creating fun lessons that met individual needs, and booking special programs and field trips. To help teachers, (and home schoolers), here are a few articles, lesson plans and a story. To Book a Program please Contact Fox early, since my school year is often full by the end of September.