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Presentations for Early Childhood Educators
Keynote Address: I Tell, We Tell, You Tell: Oral Language Development
Building A Solid Foundation for Reading and Writing
The latest educational research affirms what storytellers have always known: that oral language development is the key to reading and writing. Within this action packed participatory presentation you will learn at least three stories that you can tell. You will also learn techniques to improve your storytelling skills and teach storytelling to your students. Author and storyteller Brian “Fox” Ellis will highlight the research implications of oral language development as a potent tool in teaching basic literacy in the early childhood setting. Grounding the latest research in literacy education with practical classroom tested ideas, this dynamic performance is guaranteed to reinvigorate your classroom.
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Storytelling Basics: Within all of you is a storyteller waiting for the right opportunity to tell your tale. In this participatory workshop you will learn the skills necessary to enrich your classroom with tales both tall and true. Through theater games, voice exercises, and mime you will develop your talents. Through lively discussion and hands-on activities you will learn how to teach your students how to tell stories.
Sing Along! Act It Out! Everyone Joins In!: Audience Participation Stories For Young Children - Young children love to squirm! Invite them to fidget and wiggle in a manner that adds artistry to the tale while avoiding destructive behavior. In this participatory workshop, you will learn the skills necessary to enrich your day care with the best that children's literature has to offer. Through traditional folklore and audience participation stories you will develop your talents as an interactive storyteller.
A Life Long Love of Language: Storytelling is the perfect foundation for nurturing a love of language. Stories provide the bricks and mortar for building the skills for lifelong reading and writing. Going beyond simple stories and sequential picture maps, this participatory workshop will give you the strategies you need to develop pre-reading and writing skills for your students.
Brian "Fox" Ellis is an internationally renowned storyteller, author and educator. He is a dynamic performer who, in a warmly entertaining manner, captures what is most life-affirming and beautiful in the human experience. Fox has recently helped to initiate a state-wide effort with the Illinois State Board of Education to improve family literacy through family stories. Fox has authored numerous articles for a variety of magazines, produced twelve CDs, and published sixteen books, including the children’s picture book "The Web at Dragonfly Pond."

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