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An Early Morning Vignette in Seven Haiku*  


awaken to the sound

of the snow plow, 

followed by the school bus

childish dream dashed


two inches of snow 

enough to cover autumn’s debris

everything sparkles


on this crystalline morning

blue sky, bright sun, 

snow sparkles appear mid-air


early morning walk 

to the office, subzero, a crow

and chickadee accompany me


smudge of a feather

on the frozen window pane 

speaks of wounds unspeakable


ice on the window

sun rising casts a glare 

a wintery rainbow


swing laptop open

workday must begin, first

wipe the mist from the screen  


Brian “Fox” Ellis



*Hakku con Renga is a traditional Japanese form, a parlor game, in which party guests take turns making up spontaneous poetry using an image from the participant who went before them. Each haiku needs to stand on its own, but relate to the one before it. If done well, it often builds a spontaneous scene or story, a small vignette within several haiku.

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