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This schedule is designed to give you a template for planning my week with your students. Please feel free to adapt the particulars to fit your gym, art, music, lunch, and other scheduling concerns. Important elements that must be included are: A) A performance the first day to build excitement and introduce key concepts;
B) Three workshops with each group that include,

  • 1) creative writing,

  • 2) basic storytelling skills, and

  • 3) putting it all together with each student telling their story to the class.

C) We also need time for selected students to rehearse and
D) A performance on the last day for students to shine.

With the opening performance, three workshops and the closing program, every student will receive five contact hours with the artist-in-residence.

Follow this link for a PDF of a Sample Schedule

HISTORY... In Person

Invite history's greatest minds to your school or conference, Chautauqua or museum.

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