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Because Fox has worked on Riverboats for more than 20 years he has amassed a great body of Riverlore. Though these shows are delivered by the same character there is very little overlap other than the introduction. One focuses on the writings of Mark Twain and the other on the Civil War.

Steamboatin' Down the Mississippi with Mark Twain: detweiller

Mixing true stories with heavy doses of Twain's wit and wisdom Brian "Fox" Ellis steps on stage to regale the audience as Captain Henry Detweiler, a riverboat man who piloted steamboats for 30 years in the mid 1800's. He was a friend of Lincoln, delivered troops, supplies and top secret messages during the Civil War and, like all captains, kept a log of his travels on the great river road. Detweiler spins some of Twain's favorite yarns with his adventures as a cub pilot on the Mississippi. Fox talks about Twain's craft, the life of a writer, and his boyhood in Hannibal, Missouri. As a Riverlorian and storyteller, Fox has worked on riverboats for more than twenty years and has learned by heart more than three hours of Twain's most memorable material. Jokes, tall tales and true history weave together with songs and stories from one of the world's greatest humorists.

Captain Henry Detweiller on The Role of Steamboatin’ in the Union Victory!

Based on the pilot’s logs of Captain Detweiller, Brian “Fox” Ellis steps on stage immersing the audience in the vital, though unsung role of steamboats in the siege of Vicksburg, the capture of Natchez, and the horrors of Shiloh. Captain Henry Detweiller was there and shares an eyewitness account. He delivered troops and supplies during the Civil War, was a friend of Lincoln and rival of Mark Twain! Fox brings these stories to life in a first person monologue that shares a unique voice in this important chapter of river history. Fox is also the Riverlorian for the Spirit of Peoria.


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