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Stepping Into Character: Presenting First Person Interpretations

The stories of Saints and sinners, prophets and apostles allow you to travel through the old and new testaments, meet motivating characters and inspire your audience. Learn to step into their sandals and embody their story. The goal of this workshop is to help you bring to life the characters you connect with and tell their stories in a powerful performance. We will discuss research, choosing characters that fit, developing scripts, creating costumes, rehearsal, and the performance skills you need to ensure success.


Holy Art: A Storyteller's Tour of the Great Cathedrals

In pre-literate Europe the architecture and art told the story of Christ and his followers. In the great cathedrals of Europe and America each sculpture offered a story, the stain glass windows revealed heavenly light, and each alter reflected a chapter in the life of Christ. Catechism was contained in the art. Nowhere is this more evident than in the Stations of the Cross. Allow Fox to take your congregation on a tour of your cathedral to tell the stories hidden in stone and wood, stained glass and scripture. This workshop offers suggestions for performances, church tour guides, teachers and youth groups that use the art as a starting point for storytelling. Every church of every denomination contains examples of this art, which could be used for education and inspiration!

HISTORY... In Person

Invite history's greatest minds to your school or conference, Chautauqua or museum.

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