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Storytelling, Multiculturalsm, and Conflict Resolution

Conflict is an inevitable part of life and a crucial element in a good story. In this participatory workshop you will learn to use stories to build cultural awareness and teach alternatives to violence. Learn the basic skills necessary to tell a tale and how to use stories to introduce cooperative games and activities that will help your students to solve problems creatively.


A Multicultural Tapestry of Teaching Tales

Storytelling can enliven most any topic. Ideas come to life in a tale. Stories can become the warp upon which a teacher weaves the threads of the various content areas. Learn math stories that teach problem solving skills and science stories that make abstract concepts tangible while teaching scientific processes. Learn to tell his-story (and her-story!) in a way that motivates students to want to know more about their past. Most importantly, discover ways to use storytelling and creative writing to tie the curriculum together, to integrate ideas and build thematic units, to introduce concepts and explain important theories, and to stimulate critical thinking.

HISTORY... In Person

Invite history's greatest minds to your school or conference, Chautauqua or museum.

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