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Fox loves Scary Stories! He can tell silly scarey stories for younger children or seriously scary stories for adults and older kids, scary stories from around the world or classic tales of terror, Native American or Irish stories, River Ghosts or Civil War Ghosts. For a library or family night he often starts with silly stories and then slowly turns up the heat with each story being a little scarier than the last. There are also lesson plans to help you tell your own scary stories.


Thing That Go Bump in the Night

More silly than scary, this program can focus on classic American ghosts stories and \ or include scary stories from around the world.


Scary Stories From Around the World

From a Japanese Winter Wife to a Scottish Ghost Dog, every culture has stories that will send a tingle down your spine. We will tour the world fo haunts and ghouls, ghosts and monsters!


Classic Tales of Terror

From Edgar Allen Poe to Ambrose Bierce, this haunting hour of scary stories is not for the faint of heart.



River Ghosts

Drawing from the writings of Mark Twain and true stories of local ghosts, this show is a mix of haunting ballads and spooky tales that are sure to make your flesh crawl.       CD available!


Gaelic Ghosts

The Emerald Isle is haunted with more ghosts than one would care to meet in an eerie evening of mysterious tales. Puka’s, banshees, and big black dogs haunt this program of scary stories.



Civil War Ghosts and Legends 

Stories and songs from the most un-civil war. Join storyteller Brian “Fox” Ellis as he takes listeners back in time to the bloody battlefields, gruesome field hospitals and haunted graveyards of America’s deadliest war. CD Available!


The Piasa and other Native Spirits

What are the scary stories of the First Americans? From the dawn of time, North America has been inhabited with monsters and Windigoes, Vampire Skeletons and Evil Manitou. Join storyteller Brian “Fox’ Ellis in this terrifying tour of American Indian haunted legends and folklore. Stories from many nations are woven together with traditional chants that are sure to send a shiver down the spine of even the bravest listeners.

HISTORY... In Person

Invite history's greatest minds to your school or conference, Chautauqua or museum.

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