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A Song By Brian “Fox” Ellis
Use the verses of this song as a model to write your own verses. Bring in a few family pictures. Bonus points if your pictures go back a few generations! Try to tell the story of the picture in four lines. You can use an AB, AB or an AA, BB rhyme scheme. When you are done you can create a powerpoint presentation of your pictures and verses to perform for your class. Please send me a copy! Contact Fox. This poem is excerpted from Song Of The Red Fox
CHORUS (Sing chorus together, take turns on verses)
They say that every tells a story
They say a picture’s worth a thousand words

Listen real well and I will tell
The tale that this photo held
Here is a picture of my great Uncle John
He’s sitting by his cabin with his overalls on
Sitting by his side is his favorite fox hound
Sitting on his lap is what the fox hound found
Here is a picture of my folks when they were young
Still full of love with their hearts’ song sung
Though they divorced and the picture’s torn in two
I hold onto the memories ‘cause once their love was true
Look at this little boy with his straw hat on
Holding up a northern pike arms length long
The smile on his face tells of his joy
I know he loves to fish ‘cause I’m that little boy

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