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The following poem is an excerpt from Song of the Red Fox
An Acrostic Poem is
Not as easy to write
As it looks,
Contrary to popular belief.
Real poetry that reads down the page with the
Order of words determined by the letters in your
Subject matter. The next line begins with
The next letter of the word
In the title of your poem.
Concrete in shape, but
Poetry none the less.
Out of these lines you can tell a tale and draw
Enchanting pictures in the
Minds of your readers.

Choose a favorite animal or sport, write the name down the side of the page and write a real poem, not just a list of words. Here is a poem I wrote today based on a picture my daughter took at a recent visit to the zoo:
TWO BEARStwobears
There were once two bears,
Who lived at the Brookfield Zoo.
One reached over and scratched her brother’s ear.
Brother, what is that behind your
Ear? I do not know, was
All he could say, but it has been
Really bothering me,
Since yesterday. Thanks sister.

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